Nominate a Local Hero!

It’s PARTY TIME! The Police Officer Minifigure just turned 40 and we are throwing him the biggest & best birthday party EVER!

To celebrate, visitors were invited to nominate THEIR OWN super great local hero to win an invitation to the bricktastic party PLUS annual passes for their family!

Check out the randomly-selected winners, and their nomination reasons, below! 

Andy Pattenden, York Regional Police

  • "Heroes are classically defined by acts of bravery, notable qualities or courage.  Sometimes you can see these acts very clearly when someone is being rescued and other times it's more quiet and subtle, but no less valid.  I met Officer Pattenden when I had to face situations that were incredibly scary for me. To be honest I would not have made it through those times if it wasn't for his calming and protective presence and reassurance.  His kindness during the most difficult time of my life and the way he continues to assist me (and deal with me) in helping children is to me what makes him a hero.  Not all heroes wear capes and not all heroes save people from dragons.  Sometimes being a hero is going beyond what is expected of your job and reaching people to show them that courage is fear with a brave face, and that is why Officer Pattenden is my hero."

Derek Gurman, Military Personnel

  • "Derek is a 15-year full-time member of the Canadian Joint Incident Response Unit, Canadian Armed Forces, and was a Rank of Warrant Officer by age 35. He is also a lead teacher at Garrison Petawawa and served a Tour of Afhanistan in 2007 with Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry."

Ian Maxwell, Peterborough Police

  • "Constable Ian Maxwell saved a woman on a call for service but pinching off a carotid artery and stopping the heavy blood loss. As a result, EMS and doctors were able to save her from what we all believed to be certain death.

    Constable Maxwell attended the female victims subsequent surgeries and the funeral of her husband, who was murdered during the incident.

    Constable Maxwell continues to contribute to the victims recovery process. The accused in the matter was released on bail and Constable Maxwell installed security cameras in her residence at his own cost. Constable Maxwell continues to work with the victim in her recovery and subsequent court appearances.

    I worked with Constable Maxwell as the incident occurred and he personified what it means to be a true hero going well beyond the call of duty during the incident, and afterwards."


Jerry Nicosia, Vaughan Fire and Rescue Services

  • "Jerry is dedicated to serving his community, keeping people safe and informed about fire prevention. His leadership stands out among others in his role as District Chief with the Vaughan Fire Department. Jerry is a strong voice within the Department, demonstrating passion and drive for all that he does. His involvement on various committees, including the Health and Safety Committee, clearly shows his willingness to go above and beyond. Finally, within his own family life Jerry continues to demonstrate a strong work ethic to his children showing them the importance of public service."

Rene Magotiaux, Vaughan Fire and Rescue Services

  • Rene is unselfish of his time and commitment to helping colleagues along with their families in times of need, sickness and death. He is an inspiration to us all to be better."

Go heroes!

And a SPECIAL thank you to all the voters!

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